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“1 second to solve insomnia” – Mageblanket weighted blanket

Buy Mageblanket Weighted Blanket (10 lbs for kids or toddler, size is 41”x 60”), this 10 lb weighted blanket is a version 2.0 Heavy Blanket for sleep. The main components of quilts & sets include 100% cotton material with exquisite glass beads.

What factors cause insomnia?

Weighted blanket insomnia is often associated with mental illness, alcohol, substance abuse, illness or other sleep disorders. 35% to 44% of patients with insomnia are associated with mental disorders, the most common are emotional and emotional disorders, and many other disease states can also cause insomnia, including some potential pathophysiological disturbances, such as sleepy leg synthesis Symptoms, sleep apnea syndrome, etc.Too much sleep or inappropriate use of sleeping pills during the day can also cause insomnia. Regardless of the starting cause of insomnia, behavioral and environmental factors are often regulatory variables.

Diagnosis of insomnia

  • Difficulty falling asleep and maintaining sleep difficulties, at least 1 month.
  • Sleep disturbances cause significant pain in the clinic or affect daytime function.
  • Sleep disturbances do not occur independently but are accompanied by psychological disturbances, not due to direct physical or general physical illness.

Several misunderstandings about insomnia

1. sleeping pills

Sleeping pills can make people fall asleep. For people who adjust for jet lag, shift work, or face a major life test, occasionally eating can really help sleep. But sleeping pills bring light sleep and sleep for a short time. The most important thing is that sleeping pills can only solve problems temporarily and cannot treat insomnia fundamentally.

For example, insomnia is like a little lion. At first he is very small and easy to tame. If you are afraid of him, then you feed him, (just like you compromise on insomnia, take sleeping pills), then He is getting bigger and bigger, his appetite is getting bigger and bigger, and eventually your food is finished, and you can’t do anything about him. Because the body is tolerant, there is always something that will not work for you. Sleeping pills can also cause psychological dependence. If you don’t eat, you can’t sleep. In the final withdrawal, you will even lead to more serious insomnia, and everything will return to the original point.

2. Lying in bed and trying to fall asleep.

I have tried this method, occasionally it works, I can get a little sleep, or I really fall asleep, but it is boring, irritating, worried about lying in bed for a long time, and it is not sustainable, second I have to face the same problem in the evening.

3. Look for every opportunity to make yourself fall asleep.

Many insomnia friends will find an opportunity to fight during the day, or go to bed early in the evening, or wake up in the morning for a long time, still lying in bed, trying to get some sleep.

In fact, this is also wrong. This will make our sleep opportunities and sleep ability inconsistent, leading to a disordered sleep balance system, and finally we can’t fall asleep when we want to sleep at night.

4. Drinking and helping sleep.

Alcohol does make people relax and fall asleep, but alcohol can cause light sleep and wake up early.

5. Insomnia will continue,after insomnia is cured, it will not recur.

Many friends think that insomnia will continue, and some people think that after insomnia is cured, it will not recur. This is not the case.

The definition of the severity of insomnia in the American medical community is that there must be at least three nights of insomnia every week, which by default insomnia is generally not possible every night.

The human body has a self-regulating system. Once the sleep debt has accumulated to a certain extent, even if you are very anxious, you can fall asleep. At this time, you will be very happy that you can suddenly sleep, but you can’t figure out why you can sleep, so take Anxious mood, I hope that I will not sleep again, and often this time because we do not know how to adjust this anxiety, after the body recovers for a while, immediately fell into a new round of insomnia, which is why some people feel Insomnia is good and bad, repeated attacks.

6. Eating melatonin

Although the body’s own melatonin is useful, eating melatonin is not necessarily useful.Some studies have shown that melatonin has a little help to fall asleep, but some studies have found that it is not much different from placebo. Some studies have found that after eating melatonin, it will cause sleep intermittently. The phenomenon of waking up.

Try to sleep under a weighted blanket to cure insomnia

Evaluation: weighted blanket

You need to know the following about weighted blanket

  • A weighted blanket: a heavy blanket, usually anywhere from 5-25 lbs. 20 lb weighted blanket queen.They are known to be calming, to help you sleep.
  • Weighted blanket sleep push you downward, which can reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and they mimic deep pressure touch, acting almost like a massage.

12 assessors using weighted blanket cases

The quality of sleep is as follows:

User Michelle James Crystal Sunny Angela Eric
Sleep score375329567557
User Richard Noble GerryCandy Tina Ellison
Sleep score625941445167
*The sleep score is based on the time of falling asleep, the length of time to fall asleep,
Sleep time, deep sleep, dreaming/wake up,
The results of comprehensive evaluation of indicators such as the number of turns over* The selected sleep situation as the basic line of sleep quality of the assessors

Below the basic line, the quality of sleep deteriorates.Higher than the basic line for improved sleep quality

Number of sleep improvements: 9

The Weighted Blanket For Sleep

Can a nice weighted blanket help you sleep better? Weighted blankets for adults with insomnia.Yes.We need good sleep, and we desperately need our kids ( childrens weighted blanket )to get good sleep, too.

Where to get a good weighted blanket in 2019

There are many websites, Amazon, Etsy and Ebay all sell them as well.You can buy weighted blanket in a large selection of fabrics and weights.

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